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☆toku☆ (。’▽’。)♡
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Name: Indy
Age: 14
Gender/Pronouns: unnsure, she/her
Sexuality: lesbo

Je parle français et anglais

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VanitasAquias 2 full bodies (120 :points: )
Wow, the last one I wrote was in November. Nice. 
  • If You Haven't Noticed, My Sai is Working
Yeah, I had a panic attack in November for nothing. The only problem is sometimes I'll add new brushes and it won't save onto the data, and then I'll have to sprout some new brush settings out of my ass.

  • Me And My Ex-Girlfriend Broke Up
Ugh, I hate using the term "ex-girlfriend". I don't see her as that, I see her as a friend. I'll just say friend. Me and my friend broke up 2 months ago, or I broke up with her. Simply because life wasn't going to great and we both had to learn some lessons on our own, also long distance is hard.

  • I Have A Friend Group
All 8 of them make me incredibly happy. If it weren't for them I'd probably be dead by now, honestly. And the weird thing is they actually WANT to hang out with me. I've had friends in the past who only ever spoke to me when we were in school. My Ex-Best Friend (Yes, that's all I see them as) of 7 Years only ever had me over to their house twice. Once to study and the other when I MOVED AWAY. These friends are my life, and I hope they're happy for the rest of their lives, they truly truly deserve it.

  • I Am In Limerence With Someone
Limerence (n) to be infatuated with someone. Yeah, I'm a hoe, I broke up with my friend and got with a beautiful soul like 2 weeks later. It's just, she's amazing. She's absolutely amazing and she deserves so so much love and so so much more than me, an angry 99 lb small child full of self hatred and mental illnesses. She is amazing and even if she doesn't see it everyone else does because she's so bright and beautiful. I dunno ugh she's just ineffable.

  • My Body Dysmorphia
Is so fucking confusing. I don't know what I look like half the time. Some guy in orchestra was moving my chair and said "You're so light!!" And I'm like "I am??" But then the more I thought about it I thought "He was SURPRISED that I was light, proving that I look heavy. Yes, that's it.". I don't know, I've lost 20+ pounds in the last 4 months and yet I really and truly see no difference in me at all besides my collar bone showing and fighting into XS and XXS clothes at F21...I had a sandwich today.

Yep, that's it. This one is a lot longer than the last one. *Takes a sip of Green Tea* So yeah. Like comment and subscribe cos I make new updates every single year. I will see you guys, in the next update. 

November 3, 2016 Update


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